Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a person is not able to achieve and/or maintain the hardness of penis until the end of the sexual activity, or to achieve a continuous and sustained erection.

Today, medicine offers more than one way to solve this problem.


The latest medical solution for erectile dysfunction disorder, highly efficient and giving permanent improvement in 6 months due to power of STEM cells able to renew structure and regenerate tissue responsible for blood flow and function of erectile bodies in penis.

What are STEM cells?

STEM cells are known in medicine as extremely powerful cells which are able to differentiate and regenerate tissues and provide new blood vessels, new structure and support in both functional and supportive tissue where it is applicable. STEM cells are present in bone marrow, blood and fat tissue. For this treatment adipose origin STEM cells are used.

How the treatment is done?

For erectile dysfunction treatment cells are taken from homologous fat tissue (from the patient himself) by liposuction of small amount of abdominal wall fat and after processing of collected tissue an injection of liquid is extracted from it, containing: pre-adipocytes, endothelial precursor cells, erythrocytes, M2 macrophages, growth factors, smooth muscle cells and adipose-derived stem cells (5-6 cc volume) is injected into cavernous bodies of penis. This procedure is done under local anesthesia, it takes around 3h, after which one treatment of shock wave and PRP treatment is applied in order to provide best possible environment for future results of total treatment. Whole treatment duration is around 5 hours in total, made in one day. STEM cells need time to create new tissue and make it functional, therefore first results are shown after 6 months and permanent improvement is present after 9 months.

Patients after prostate cancer surgery show significant recovery of erectile function after STEM cells treatment.

STEM cell treatment of erectile dysfunction is done only one time, and improvement takes time of 6-9 months, it is long lasting due to regenerated tissue.


A good blood flow is necessary for erection. Unfortunately, as you get older, the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis begin to clog and decrease. Just like the heart vessels can get blocked in heart disease., the penile vessels become blocked or diminished in time.

Shock Wave Therapy improves blood flow to the penis by improving existing blood vessels function and creating new ones by applying low current shock waves. Increased penile blood flow gives stronger, harder and more sustainable erection.

80% of the men who received Shock Wave Therapy were able to enter the drug-free relationship if appropriate treatment was done. Also, about 90% of all men who took treatment reported that their sexual performance improved in the positive direction.


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is the injection, containing blood cells called platelets and growth factors from liquid part of blood called plasma, into the penis. The commercial name of penile PRP treatment is P-Shot.

The main purpose of PRP penile therapy is to prolong the stamina of erection and its duration by the formation of new vascular structures. In short, it is used for erectile dysfunction treatment. When used along with shock wave therapy and some medical instruments, contributes to increasing penis length and thickness.

The whole procedure is very comfortable and it doesn`t last long. It starts with application of local anesthetic cream, venous blood draw, centrifuge of drawn blood, disinfection of penis, and end with application of prepared PRP injection and cleaning of the application area, all done within average of 30-45 minute. There are no side effects that can affect your social life after the procedure or cause problems with your daily life. Procedure needs to be repeated 3-6 times in regular period of several weeks in order to give longterm results. Longterm results are established in desired level after 1-2 months after the growth factors and platelets injections.


During hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy typically is performed as an outpatient procedure and doesn’t require hospitalization. Increased air pressure will create a temporary feeling of fullness in your ears — similar to what you might feel in an airplane or at a high elevation. You can relieve that feeling by yawning or swallowing. For most conditions, therapy lasts approximately two hours. Members of your health care team will monitor you and the therapy unit throughout your treatment.

After hyperbaric oxygen therapy

You may feel somewhat tired or hungry following your treatment. This doesn’t limit normal activities.


To benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you’ll likely need more than one session. The number of sessions depends on your medical condition. To effectively treat complex conditions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and administered with other therapies and drugs that fit your individual needs.