PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is the injection, containing blood cells called platelets and growth factors from liquid part of blood called plasma, into the penis. The commercial name of penile PRP treatment is P-Shot.

The main purpose of PRP penile therapy is to prolong the stamina of erection and its duration by the formation of new vascular structures. In short, it is used for erectile dysfunction treatment. When used along with shock wave therapy and some medical instruments, contributes to increasing penis length and thickness.

The whole procedure is very comfortable and it doesn`t last long. It starts with application of local anesthetic cream, venous blood draw, centrifuge of drawn blood, disinfection of penis, and end with application of prepared PRP injection and cleaning of the application area, all done within average of 30-45 minute. There are no side effects that can affect your social life after the procedure or cause problems with your daily life. Procedure needs to be repeated 3-6 times in regular period of several weeks in order to give longterm results. Longterm results are established in desired level after 1-2 months after the growth factors and platelets injections.