Fibroblasts in service of Anti-Ageing

Collagen and elastin are required between the cells in order to maintain the youthfulness, brightness and softness of our skin. The connective tissue under the skin is the tissue that keeps the skin upright and forms collagen. The group of cells that make up the connective tissue is called “Fibroblast stem cells”.

With the aging process in the skin, which usually starts in the 30s, these cells start to die 20% every 10 years. When this cell group starts to disappear from our skin, connective tissue starts to collapse and collagen production decreases. This creates wrinkles, sagging on the skin and aging is inevitable.

In the treatment of rejuvenation with stem cells, fibroblast stem cells are regenerated and transplanted back to the skin in the laboratory to repair the missing areas of these tissues under the skin.

Fibroblast cells also work by stimulating the organism in the treatment of skin injuries. The production of fibroblast cells that provide youthful look and healing of our skin in the laboratory has become possible with today’s technology.

A small biopsy specimen (4-6 mm) is removed from the sun-free part of the skin, for example behind the ear and in a manner that does not impair aesthetics. As a result of culture growth (within 4-6 weeks), fibroblasts are replicated in ministry-approved full-service laboratories. The sessions are carried out with appropriate planning accompanied by specialist doctors.

Stem cells are multiplied in the laboratory (30-45 days) and injected into the patient’s face, neck and décolleté by the doctor at intervals of one month. This process takes approximately 1.5 -2 hours. The person can return to his / her daily life immediately after the application and does not require hospitalization.

The individual is given fibroblast cells produced from their own tissue without any foreign substance.

9-12 months after the application process is completed, the effect reaches the highest level.

Gestures and facial expressions are not changed after treatment. No loss of expression. The general condition of the face is preserved and the rejuvenation or other treatment stages are completed.

Aesthetic Stem Cell Treatment is not only used for rejuvenation, but also used for the treatment of skin problems such as acne-acne pit, sun spots, large pores, cuts and scars, skin sagging. Aesthetic Stem Cell application shows significant improvement in wound and blemish scars while improving skin tissue.

Aesthetic Stem Cell Therapy is a natural practice, there is no age limitation. For younger population this is a form of treatment that can be applied when the problem of acne and acne scars is seen as a basis in adolescence.


Indications for the treatment:

– Aesthetic Areas (Lip plumping, nasolabial grooves, cigarette lines on the lip, pits)
– Wrinkle removal
– Non-occlusive chronic wounds treatment
– Stretch marks, accidental or due to pregnancy
– Acne, chickenpox scars and pits
– Treatment of burns, trauma, post-surgical cavity and scarring



This treatment is FDA approved and approved by the Ministry of Health in many areas such as Europe and America.

Since the drug cream is applied to the areas where Stem Cell application will be made, procedure is completely painless. After treatment, the person can immediately return to his / her daily life.