Methods used for size enchancement of penis are inlcuding both non-surgical and surgical procedures. Each of them very safe and with quick recovery.

Scrotal web operation and Penile suspensory ligament operation for penis prolongation

These are completely safe and light surgical procedures in which extra scrotal skin is removed in order to provide bigger availability of the penis body itself and therefore giving bigger lenght especially during penetration, without disrupting sensitivity and also operative correction of the penile suspensory ligament is done. This ligament is located in the basis of the penis, attached to pubic joint. Once the limitation of this ligament is removed, penis has bigger availability of the structure, providing bigger length and penetration. Procedure is done quickly, under temporary general analgesia and anestesia, after which recovery is very short as well. Stiches are removed after 7 days and patients go back to regular life. Procedure has no complications, only incision site should be regularly dressed until healing.

Penile fat tissue injection for penis thickening

The procedure of fat tissue transfer is widely used in many medical branches, mostly in body scuplting practice for creating the desired shape of body, face and at last penis.

Injection of authologous fat tissue is currently the only method which can provide you with extra centimeter(s) in penis thickness and give you overall bigger volume of penis.