Regenerative Medical treatments is a relatively new field of medicine that brings together experts in biology, chemistry, computer science,
engineering, genetics, medicine, robotics, and other fields to find solutions to some of the most challenging medical problems faced by humankind. When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have the innate response to heal and defend. What if it was possible to harness the power of the body to heal and then accelerate it in a clinically relevant way? What if we could help the body to heal? The promising field of Regenerative Medicine is working to restore structure and function of damaged tissues and organs. It is also creating solutions for organs and structures that become permanently damaged. The goal of this approach is to find a way to cure previously untreatable injuries and diseases and avoid radical measures
and surgery. Combinations of these approaches can amplify our natural healing process in the places it is needed most, or take over the function of a permanently damaged organ.