Our facial expressions are the visible signs of how we feel. Although we seldom think about it, many of our expressions involve contraction of facial muscles. Over time, this repeated muscle action to create certain expressions may result in wrinkles, creases and deep furrows that remain visible even when our faces return to a more neutral or relaxed state. These persistent wrinkles may make us look angry or anxious when we are not, and they may be among the first visible signs of facial aging. If you are bothered by the development or presence of facial wrinkles, creases and furrows that result from repeated muscle action, facial rejuvenation by injection may be right for you. Facial rejuvenation by injection is a course of treatment to relax the muscles that create unwanted expression lines in the face, thus softening wrinkles and furrows and in many cases virtually erasing these lines. The result is a smoother facial surface and a refreshed, more youthful appearance. This brochure presents an overview of facial shaping and wrinkle reduction by injection. The best way to learn how this type of therapy can help you fulfill your personal goals for facial rejuvenation is a consultation with a plastic surgeon.